About Cubic Quarters

We build long lasting steel structures for your specific needs. We have an energetic and growing group of people ready to assist you in your new endeavor.

We only use galvanized cold rolled steel in our structures.

Cubic Quarters uses sonotubes or continuous footers with our steel foundations. We use double sided steel sandwich panels with a variety of insulation in between. We meet and surpass R value ratings for your area.

Our Glass

Our Australian/New Zealand standard glass meets and exceeds all world wide codes. We use double and triple pane with argon gas. We offer hurricane proof, as well as sound proof glass.

Our Exteriors

Our beautiful decking paired with a steel foundation provide a long lasting deck that is low maintenance and doesn’t need painting! We also have stainless steel railing with and without glass inserts.

Our Interiors

We offer a large variety of hardwoods from Oak, Walnut, Cherry, Teak, Bamboo, Acacia, Distressed woods and more. We use high quality resin boards for walls in lieu of Sheetrock that is beautiful and easy to maintain.

Building Components

PU Panels

Our double sided steel PU sandwich panels insulation has a fire rating burn time of 1-1.5 hours depending on thickness with an R value 28-38.

Rockwool Panels

These steel sided rockwool panels have a burn time of 2-3 hours and an R value of 35-38.

MGO Rockwool

This is the best fire rating available. This insulated double sided steel sandwich panel has a 3-4 hour burn time and an R value of 40.

Addition Insulation

Any of the above selections can we be paired with additional double sided skin fiber glass insulation for the R value desired. These structures are extremely energy efficient.

Our Certifications